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Dr Ted Christie's professional interests are  environmental law, alternative dispute resolution ("ADR") & environmental science. Ted links these concepts and principles to a cross-disciplinary,  problem-solving approach to conflict resolution in order to find sustainable solutions for environmental and land use conflicts; conflicts where divergent expert scientific opinion and scientific uncertainty prevails.

Apart from his legal qualifications, Ted Christie has a BAgrSc (Qld), a MAgrSc (Qld) and a Ph. D (Macquarie).

Ted's professional legal practice was acquired from practice as a Barrister and Mediator, the Environmental Member  (& Presiding Member) of the Commonwealth Administrative Appeals Tribunal, as Commissioner on the Shoalwater Bay Commission of Inquiry, as Principal Adviser to Fraser Island Commission of  Inquiry Chairman, Tony Fitzgerald QC, and as a past Fulbright Professional Scholar (Environmental Law and ADR).

Ted introduced and taught new courses at Griffith University: Initially, Applied Ecology - Natural and Agricultural Ecosystems: later Environmental Law undertaken by final year undergraduates in the Law-Science degree program - as well as ADR in the Masters degree in Environmental Management.

Dr Christie's professional career changed over time: From field ecological research and extension in the semiarid pastoral zone of western Queensland with the State Government, based at Blackall and the Charleville Pastoral Laboratory as a Senior Scientist; to academe as an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Griffith University, Queensland; then professional legal practice as a Barrister and Mediator. This career development was the foundation for recognizing environmental problem-solving required a cross-disciplinary approach.

Dr Ted Christie was awarded a  Centenary Medal "for long and distinguished  voluntary services to the community related to education and the law". The Centenary Medal commemorates Australia’s 100 years of federation and recognizes  those who made a contribution to Australian society or government.

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Cross-Disciplinary Book  on  ADR & Environmental Conflicts


Author ~ Dr Edward Christie


“If this book is read, and its contents are heeded, as widely as is justified, then the days of the application of traditional dispute-resolution procedures to environmental disputes should be over in the 21st century... to describe this book as revolutionary is not to resort to hyperbole. It will bring about significant change. Dr Ted Christie, renaissance man (or its 21st century equivalent) deserves acclamation for having written it”.

From the Foreword by Justice Peter Gray, Federal Court of Australia

Edward Elgar Publishing (New Horizons in Environmental Law), Cheltenham, UK Paperback 978 1 84980 024 2 c £25.00 December 2009 (Europe and Asia-Pacific) and January 2010 (North America and South America)

Dr Christie was the sole author of this book.The book provides a cross-disciplinary approach to collaborative problem-solving and decision-making that links science, law and effective public participation processes to conflict resolution. The book assesses the key unifying principles of environmental and administrative law in Australia, the UK/EU and USA, together with accepted scientific concepts for environmental management and protection that are central to environmental decision-making.

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