Towards an Independent Review of the COVID-19 Pandemic:

A Mechanism Based on Environmental Dispute Resolution Principles

& theScientific Standards of Testability, Objectivity & Impartiality

(Posted 17 June 2020)

KEY WORDS: Covid-19; evaluation; WHO; World Health Assembly; information conflicts; scientific round-table; fact-finding; testability; objectivity; impartiality; data mediation; consensus decision-making

1.0    An aim of the landmark World Health Assembly resolution was the need for a “stepwise process of impartial, independent and comprehensive evaluation including using existing mechanisms” of the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.’

2.0    Existing WHO mechanisms that could undertake an evaluation were referred to by the resolution.

3.0    However, there are some COVID-19 issues in dispute that warrant an alternative, external mechanism to the existing WHO mechanisms to dispel any concerns over objectivity, transparency, and neutrality.

4.0    A cross-disciplinary model (conflict resolution/science) for environmental dispute resolution is outlined in this article that would facilitate an independent, impartial, and comprehensive evaluation of the COVID-19 pandemic.



Dr Ted Christie is the author of a cross-disciplinary

- Law (Australia/UK/USA)-Science-Conflict Resolution -  book on

environmental dispute resolution.

A Google search of the key words: finding solutions for environmental conflictsturns up over 250,000,000 results.

The author’s book appears as 8 of the 9 results on Google page 1

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