The COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery Phase:

Towards a Problem-Solving Pathway

Based On Effective Public Participation

and Sustainable Development (Posted 29 June 2021)

TAGS: COVID-19; recovery; environment; conflict; public participation; goals; Aarhus Convention; sustainable development; decision-making; NIMBI; NIMBY

1.0       In moving from the response phase to the recovery phase for the COVID-19 global pandemic, should the goal for Government be to “jettison red and green tape at every level of government to stimulate jobs and re-energise growth during the post COVID-19 fiscal fightback”?

2.0      Or should the recovery phase from the COVID-19 pandemic be seen as a classic sustainable development problem to resolve?  Equity is paramount in decision-making for sustainable development. Equity aims to minimize the extent to which environmental costs and benefits are shared disproportionately between all nations, globally.

3.0      Public participation is a key element of the environmental regulatory framework for sustainable development.

4.o      A problem-solving pathway which recognizes that sustainable development and public participation are interdependent and mutually supporting should form the framework for Governments to engage the public effectively in order to find sustainable solutions for the recovery phase of the pandemic.

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