1.0 Beyond 2015 and the Paris Agreement:

Projecting Future Global Warming & Information Conflicts

Carbon Budgets: A Decision-making Aid or the Decision Endpoint?

TAGS: Carbon budgets; global warming; science; models; uncertainty; conflict; decision-making; MIT; Nature Geoscience; Carbon Brief

Why has the concept of the carbon budget has been a source of controversy?Can information conflicts over the varying accuracy of climate models and the reliability of their projections for global warming under the Paris Agreement be resolved?

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(Posted 28 September 2017)

2.0    Climate Change - From G20 to COP20: Sustainable Development as a Cornerstone of the Decision-Making Framework?

READ MORE on the challenge for COP20, Lima 2014: to lay the foundation for an effective new, universal climate change agreement to be negotiated in Paris in 2015 - not only positive actions to address climate change, but also that are consistent with sustainable development. (Posted 30 November 2014)

3.0 Climate Change Agreement, Sustainable Development and the G20 Summit Brisbane, Australia 15-16 November 2014

READ MORE on why the G20 Summit Agenda needs to recognize climate change as a significant sustainable development issue and for drafting the new climate agreement. (Posted 14 November 2014)


4.0 Preparing for Lima, December 2014 and the New Climate Agreement: Adoption of Sustainable Development and Deep Decarbonization Initiatives as Innovations for Moving to a Low-Carbon Economy (Posted 23 September 2014)

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5.0 Moving to a Low-Carbon Global Economy, Lima, Peru (December 2014) and the Universal Climate Agreement: A Roadmap for Sustainable Development Based on Conflict Resolution & Scientific Concepts

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