Coal and CSG conflicts now confront society with problems that impact on natural and fiscal limits to an extent unimaginable in the past.

The outcome has been disruption and delay to major mining develoment proposals.

CSG and mining interests have raised concern over the potential flow-on effects: Jobs and investment in mining being stifled.

But, is the source of the conflict Government “Green Tape” and “green activists”, as claimed?

Does the EIA process contribute to the problem?

Have conflicts over scientific information between parties holding competing land use interests to development and the environment been resolved?

Have effective public participation processes that meaningfully involve the community been put into place by Government?

Part 1: Coal

1.0      Mining Development, Environmental Impact Assessment and Green Tape in Australia: Reforming the Approval Process

Litigation or Conflict Management?

TAGS: Environment; community; coal; CSG; mining approval; Adani; Acland; conflict; litigation; environmental impact assessment; incomplete or unavailable information; USA 40 C.F.R. Sections 1502.22; scientific round-table (Posted 21 June 2016)


2.0     Performance Bonds and Financial Viability for Clean Up Costs: Must History Repeat for Environmental Damage?

TAGS: Environment; damage; remediation; clean-up costs; performance bond; flexible environmental assurance bond; irreversible damage; EIA (Posted 20 April 2016)



3.0  Bulga, Rio Tinto, Coal Mining, Sustainable Development and Environmental Dispute Resolution

Click on the following  LINK to download the article that gives an assessment of the case and whether ADR and negotiation have advantages over litigation for finding a sustainable solution to resolve regional conflict over the open-cut coalmine expansion    (Posted August 2013)


Part 2: Coal Seam Gas


TAGS: coal seam gas; co-existence; conflict; CSG licensing and approvals; environmental legislation; power; people power; conflict resolution; environmental justice; co-existence; legal rights and duties; judicial review; effective public participation; community consultation


1.0 Coal Seam Gas, People Power and Environmental Justice (Posted November 2012)

Click on the following LINK to download a 12-slide Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.


2.0      “Coal Seam Gas, Environmental Legislation and Power: Towards a Pathway For Conflict Resolution and Environmental Justice" (Posted November 2012)

Scholarly Article by Dr Ted Christie: 32 Queensland Lawyer (2012) 225

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