Transitioning to Renewables and a Low-Carbon Energy Grid:

A Pathway to Resolve the Firming Capacity Impasse (Posted 08 March 2023)

TAGS: Climate change; Paris Agreement; low-carbon energy grid; firming capacity; renewables; gas; information conflict; evaluation; objective criteria;  scientific innovation; attributes; diffusion; adoption; sustainable development.

1.0    As renewables replace coal, significant issues over energy security have ignited public concern and controversy whether renewables, such as wind and solar energy, ensure stable electricity power.

2.0    For example, how should renewables in a  low-carbon energy grid be counter-balanced with flexible energy supply options that can be activated to guard against potential intermittency in the power system?

3.0    A pathway is outlined to evaluate and resolve scientific information conflicts

that have emerged in transitioning

to a low-carbon energy electricity grid

– by recognizing the grid as a scientific innovation.

4.0    Based on the accepted body of knowledge in the social sciences for “attributes” - relevant for the “diffusion”  and “adoption” of scientific innovations - objective criteria are defined that can be applied to evaluate and resolve existing scientific information conflicts in transitioning to a low-carbon energy grid.

The goal for the evaluation outlined

would be to ensure that the public have confidence in Government:

For public trust to prevail - not public disbelief or concern.


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