Withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement

Time for a Level Playing Field & A Fair Framework?

Part 1: Problem Definition based on Interests-Not Position (Posted 17 August 2017)

1.0   President Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States’ ratification of the Paris Agreement galvanized critics from diverse backgrounds throughout the United States and the World.

2.0   The polarised scientific opinion over the United States withdrawal that emerged has been  followed by uncertainty over what pathway will be taken “to ensure America remains the world's leader on environmental issues but under a framework that is fair."

3.0   Real action is required by the United States to restore or enhance its influence, prestige and good reputation for environmental protection and management.

4.0   In the first of a three-part series, the focus is on understanding the interests underlying the position taken to withdraw – rather than the position itself: Interests that must be satisfied for the United States to re-enter the Paris Agreement are reviewed.


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