Society is now confronted with information conflicts on environmental issues, of a complexity unimaginable in the past. Information conflicts have become the main “log-in-the road” for finding sustainable solutions for environmental conflicts.

The “Rio Declaration on Environment and Development (1992)” changed the focus for resolving environmental conflicts between competing 'conservation' and 'development' interests towards sustainable development: From "Jobs OR the Environment” to "Jobs AND the Environment”.

Articles posted on this web-site adopt problem-solving processes for finding sustainable solutions for environmental conflicts where divergent scientific opinion exists.

Finding sustainable solutions that will be feasible and able to be implemented requires the meaningful involvement of competing interests in the problem-solving process: "environment", "development" and "community" interests.




Dr Ted Christie adopts a cross-disciplinary approach - law science/ADR-negotiation  - to conflict resolution

Dr Ted Christie is based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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