About Dr Ted Christie and Climate Change (Posted 22 May 2019)

Politicians need to avoid the risk of being accused as having a Marxian philosophy when it comes to complying with the environmental concepts of inter-generational equity and sustainable development in taking action for climate change. This observation is based on the statement loosely attributed to Marx: “Why should I care about the future generation, what have they ever done for me[i]

1.   Following the publication of the first cross-disciplinary book on environmental dispute resolution (in 2008), for which Ted was the sole author, Ted has posted a series of articles on this web site – 40 at this stage - on global climate change issues.

2.   The focus of the articles is on finding sustainable solutions when real action for climate change is taken to implement the climate change treaties:  By complying with the central  aim, legal obigations and the long-term temperature goals of  the Paris Agreement.

3.   The cross-disciplinary approach that Ted has applied to environmental problem-solving resonates with the changing stages in the development of his professional career over time: From science to the law to conflict resolution and negotiated outcomes when divergent scientific opinion prevails.


[i] This statement was made by Groucho Marx – not Karl Marx.

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