NIMBI-ism v NIMBY-ism:

A Special Challenge for Conflict Resolution?


Replacing NIMBY-ism ('Not in My Backyard') with NIMBI-ism ('Now I Must Be Involved') requires an understanding of the linkages between the following components of environmental decision-making.

(i)   The primary sources of conflict when the environment is in issue  are scientific information, values & stakeholder interests ("needs" & "concerns");

(ii) The extent public participation processes provide for joint action and shared responsibility in decision-making i.e. meaningful involvement; and

(iii) Whether the outcome is achieved by mutual agreement e.g. negotiation - or imposed on the participants e.g. litigation, community consultation.


These elements are considered in the articles posted on this web site, where a cross-disciplinary framework is adopted for resolving very different types of environmental conflicts.


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