About Dr Ted Christie, Environmental Conflicts & Problem Solving

(Posted 26 June 2017)

1.0   Resolving environmental conflicts should not be seen as the sole province of science - nor as the exclusive domain of law and policy.

2.0   Rather, there needs to be a more effective integration between science, law and policy within a framework of the accepted principles and concepts of conflict resolution to find sustainable solutions for environmental problems.

3.0   In this regard, Dr Ted Christie has adopted such a cross-disciplinary approach to problem-solving for environmental conflicts. It has the following goals: -

(a)   Sustainable solutions that are amongst the best of the options available and which secure as much value as possible;

(b)   Outcomes based on reliable and relevant scientific information which is in a form understood by affected parties or groups;

(c)   Equitable outcomes to ensure that no person or group should bear a disproportionate share of negative environmental impacts that may result from a proposed development or activity;

(d)   Conflict resolution processes which meaningfully involve the community in resolving conflict over proposed developments or activities; and

(d)   Conflict resolution processes that preserve or enhance the relationships between stakeholders and facilitate public trust and confidence in Government.

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