COP23, Bonn, Germany & Implementation of the Paris Agreement:

Equity-CBDR, Emission Reductions & A Level Playing Field (Posted 01 November 2017)


1.0   The Agenda of COP23 will include the development of guidelines on how the Paris Agreement’s provisions can be implemented across a wide range of issues.

2.0   Article 2.2 requires the implementation of the Paris Agreementto reflect equity and the principle of common but different responsibilities and respective capabilities, in the light of different national circumstances”.

3.0   The application of these two obligations under the Paris Agreement has become problematic.

4.0   Information conflicts over inequality and competitive advantage have arisen as a consequence.

5.0   But, a far greater omission has been the failure to consider equity and CBDR, together, under Paris Article 2.2, as cornerstones for achieving a level playing field.


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