COMMENT: Australia’s Nuclear Future?

Information Conflicts or Relevant and Reliable Science ~

A Conflict Resolution Perspective (Posted 21 June 2024)

KEY WORDS: Climate change; net zero; energy security; renewables; nuclear; relevant, reliable science; information conflict; scientific round-table; due diligence; risk analysis; Paris Agreement; illusory promise; sustainable development

1.0 The recent announcement by the leader of the Federal Liberal National Party for Australia’s transition to net zero emissions, based on seven nuclear plants with a mix of renewables and gas, has ignited concern and controversy.

This is not surprising given the latest independent polling

in Australia indicated that

“People think the best way to achieve our net zero by 2050 target

is by developing renewables rather than developing nuclear”.

2.0 The poll highlights the reason why public interest environmental concerns over nuclear continue to ignite conflict  when environmental positions collide with development positions.

3.0 One unfortunate outcome of the nuclear controversy, to be avoided, is to create a red corner ~v~ blue corner scenario! A scenario created by conflict over relevant and reliable scientific information that does not resolve the needs and concerns (“interests”) of all sides.


on a conflict resolution approach

for resolving the scientific information conflict

over the future for nuclear that exists in Australia today;

and a scientific methodology to consider for evaluating a mix of options

to find the optimum balance between renewables

and other feasible and viable climate action options in transitioning to net zero.

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