Withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement:

Time for a Level Playing Field & A Fair Framework?

Part 3. A Problem-Solving Pathway for Procedural Fairness

(Posted 27 October 2017)

TAGS: Paris Agreement; carbon dioxide; LULUCF; equity; fairness; climate justice; CBDR; shared responsibility; sustainable development; guiding principles; UN 2030 Agenda; SDG 13 Climate Action; sustainable development targets

1.0    The pathway outlined is based on sustainable development, equity and the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities. They all arise as legal obligations imposed under Article 2 of the Paris Agreement following its ratification.

2.0    These obligations are interdependent and mutually supporting.

3.0    They are also the cornerstones for achieving the Paris Agreement’s temperature goals.

4.0    The elephant-in -the-room is the extent that NDCs resonate with these Paris Agreement obligations?

5.0    Applying the obligation for equity leads to climate justice adding a relevant dimension for achieving the central aim of the Paris Agreement to address climate change.


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