Conflict Resolution 101 ~ The Adani Coal Mine Project in Review:

The Need for Environmental Evaluation & Approval Processes

Based on Relevant and Reliable Science and Effective Public Participation

- not the Politicization of Science (Posted: 04 July 2019)

TAGS: Adani; coal; conflict; best available science; politics; scientific uncertainty; incomplete information; Great Artesian Basin; Black-throated Finch; litigation risk; scientific roundtable; sustainable developent.

1.0    After almost nine years, nine legal reviews and $3.7 billion in “start-up” costs, the Adani project was finally approved by the Queensland Government in June 2019.

2.0     Could similar problems of conflict and delay occur in the future? Must history repeat? What steps should be taken to avoid such a problem? Clearly, some form of review is warranted.

3.0   A problem-solving framework is outlined based on accepted concepts and principles for resolving environmental conflicts. It addresses the scientific and public interest issues that confronted Adani.

4.0     This framework enables an objective review of the scientific and public interest issues that ignited over time, which proved to be problematic for the environmental evaluation and approval processes for Adani. Recommendations are made to address specific issues.

5.0     The aim of the review: To revise and update environmental evaluation and approval processes, as required, to avoid history repeating.




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