COMMENT: The COVID-19 Global Pandemic

Finding Sustainable Solutions for Global Health Risks

(Posted 17 June 2020)

KEY WORDS: COVID-19; sustainable development; Impacts: global health (environmental) – economic – social - cultural; Sustainable Development Goal 3; multi-objective analysis; methodology

1.0   The COVID-19 pandemic has become a classic sustainable development problem to resolve against a background  of one of the worst global recessions in history being reasonably foreseeable.

2.0    As the global health impacts of the global pandemic become effectively managed through preventative actions and measures taken throughout the world, increasing attention by national Governments will have to be directed at sustainable development in the recovery phase from the pandemic.

3.0   The bottom line for finding sustainable solutions requires the multiple and competing objectives of sustainable development – economic, social (including cultural) and environmental (for COVID-19, global health risks) - to be assessed and balanced. Decision-making on the methodology  to be adopted to find sustainable solutions is crucial.



Dr Ted Christie has posted a number of articles on sustainable development methodology including a Chapter on “Sustainability and the Environment”, in his book published in 2008.

A Google search of the following key words turns up over 100,000,000 results:

climate change sustainable development multi-objective analysis

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